Tilmelding til efterårs graduering er nu åben

Kære Medlemmer

Vi afholder efterårs graduering op til 1 Kyu den 25 oktober kl 19.00 ( opvarming fra kl 18.30)

Tilmelding kan ske under “klubben” og “graduering"

Dear members

Autumn grading will be held on the 25th of October at 7PM ( warm up from 6.30PM) the highest kyu graded this time will be 1st Kyu.

To participate please select “klubben” then “graduering”

Yana Kiley
The beginners fall season is now open

First training session and intro will start on the 4th of September at 18.45

Please register through clicking "begynd".

If you do not have a Shinai you will need ti buy one, use the drop down menu to select shinai+bag. You do not need any special clothing as a beginner, just wear comfortable gym clothing, kendo training is strictly no shoes no socks. 

We look forward to training with you. 

Yana Kiley
Thank you for a great seminar! The training in the new season starts Tuesday 14th of August from 18:45 See you!

The seminar with Asano-sensei and Kadono-sensei has now concluded, and Copenhagen Kendo KENSEIKAI extends a sincere thank you to everyone who participated. Everyone did their absolute best and created a great experience of kendo. 

Everyone at Copenhagen Kendo are grateful that the seminar was attended by kendoist from all regions of Denmark, and Malmö. We hope to see you all again soon!

Last, but not least, Copenhagen Kendo is extremely grateful for having Asano-sensei and Kadono-sensei teach at our club once again, and we hope to see them both many more times in the future.


Mark Bauer Ruby