2nd Iwatate cup & Autumn Kendo Seminar 2018

2nd Iwatate cup & Autumn Kendo Seminar 2018

from 300.00

Kenseikai kendo club is pleased to held the 2018 Autumn kendo seminar and 2nd Iwatate cup in Copenhagen.

The seminar delegation is Takahashi Kaiyu sensei 8th Dan and Suzuki Noriko sensei 7th Dan.

The tournament is only individual and will be an open tournament for both male & female kendokas in grades 3rd kyu - 3rd dan, 17years+.

Date: Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th of November 2018(Iwatate cup on Sunday 25th)

Simplified schedule:

  • Friday seminar from 18:00(start) - 21:00

  • Saturday seminar from 10:00(start) - 18:00(with 2 breaks and lunch).

    Goto Sayonara party from gym hall 19:00.

  • Sunday Iwatate cup, hall opens 9:30, opening ceremony 10:30 - closing ceremony 15:00. From 15:30 - 17:30 Goodwill training.

Pris: 700 (cup included)

Location: The place of the seminar & tournament is Langelinieskolen, Kastelsvej 58, 2100 KBH Ø. Entrance K

Deadline for registration 1st of November 2018.

Registration and payment